About Morvan Trading

Morvan Trading Ltd has over 40 years experience in the powercord businessOrigins: Morvan Trading Ltd was established in 1991, building on previous experience in the power cord market, originally to supply bulk cable at wholesale prices. We have since developed into the UK specialist supplier for UK and international mains power cables.

Born in the depths of a recession, limiting overheads and passing savings onto our customers is core to our philosophy. Starting with a telephone and pencil on a second hand desk, we’ve grown into two sites with 15,000 square feet of warehouses and storage.

We have seen, adapted to, and pre-empted many changes in the mains cable market over the years. We had the foresight to anticipate the 1994 requirement for products sold in the UK to have a factory-fitted UK plug, which caused vast demand for moulded BS1363 plugs in a very short period of time. The slow decline of UK manufacturing led to us becoming a high volume importer from Taiwan and then mainland China.

Recently, the rise of ‘disposable’ products and accessories (including their detachable powercords) has meant changing our stocking and shipping arrangements. We continually have to smooth fluctuating exchange rates and volatile raw copper prices.

We can fulfil almost any requirement off the shelf

Our very large stock holding means we can fulfil almost any requirement off the shelf, but we can also offer custom manufacturing from the Far East for really specialist requirements, or European manufacturing at a premium for urgent jobs.

Morvan Trading deal only with reputable manufacturers who have passed our strict quality assessment programme and have a proven track record of reliability. The factories are furthermore subject to continuous independent scrutiny and inspections by various test houses such as ASTA, BSI or other European body for UK plugs, and UL, CSA or ETL for North American plugs.

We can provide copies of approval certificates, technical drawings, full specifications and samples all free of charge for customer appraisal and approval.

Suppliers to the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world

We supply to a wide range of market types in both the UK, Europe, and rest of world: manufacturers, resellers, refurbishers, distributors, exporters and importers. This can range from a one-man-band electrician to flag-carrier airlines.

Some of our specialisms include hospital-grade leads for medical use, high-temperature wire for heating and ovens, submersible cord for pumps, control cable and Hirschmann connectors for factory equipment, DEFSTAN cable for military and defence, Fed.Spec. and TAA for supplying the US government, rubber cable and heavy duty plugs for outdoor use, and not forgetting standard pvc cords for domestic and office use.

30 day trading account We can offer a 30-day trading account for qualifying customers, and can accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Business details

Morvan Trading Ltd is a limited company, registered in England and Wales with company number 3747953. We are registered for VAT under number (GB) 730467934.