Bulk cable – International Harmonised (HAR)

As well as being a trade stockist of moulded power cables, Morvan Trading also supply just the mains flex in bulk.  We can offer cable ranging in size from a 50m drum to 10km reels and multiples in between.  Depending on the specification of the cable we can also offer a measuring and cutting service for non-standard lengths and part drums.

We can supply the correct cable for all global applications on short leadtimes.  Our technical team can help identify and specify cables and answer any questions, or contact our sales for bulk pricing on our range of cables.

Most of our moulded mainsleads are on pvc cable, with a few on rubber; we can offer these and many more options on bulk cable.  We can also supply specialist wire, including tri-rated equipment wire for internal wiring, SWA steel wire armoured flex for maximum mechanical protection, shielded cable for limiting electro-magnetic interference, 4 and 5 core for three-phase use, and others.

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International Harmonised Cable

Cable for North America, China, and Japan and Taiwan is different: please see relevant pages.  Cable for the rest of the world is measured in millimetres squared, and is described in EN 5025, IEC 60227 and IEC 60228.  Further specifications can be found under CENELEC HD-21 for pvc and HD-22 for rubber cables.  The cross-sectional area relates to the cable’s size and ampacity, so a larger cross-section means a larger cable, and a higher current can be carried: 0.75mm2 cable is smaller and carries less current than 1.50mm2.

The cores must have international harmonised colouring: brown (live), blue (neutral), green/yellow (earth).  Harmonised cables have a code that designates the cable type, starting with an H, e.g. H05VV-F, and may also have HAR or <HAR> marked on (equivalent standards may have an ‘A’, e.g. A05VV-F).

Cable Insulation The most common insulation materials are PVC (Poly Vinyl Chrloride) and rubber.  PVC is standard for domestic and light commercial use, and is designated VV for PVC conductor insulation and PVC outer jacket, e.g. H03VV-F.  Two core flat cable adds H2, e.g. H03VVH2-F.  Rubber cable is more flexible than pvc, especially at lower temperatures, and is more resistant to abrasion; rubber inners and rubber jacket are RR, e.g. H05RR-F.  Polychloroprene Ethylene Propylene Rubber (PCP EPR) cable also has oil resistance and is better suited to outdoor use; it is designated RN for rubber cable jacket and neoprene conductor insulation, e.g. H07RN-F. 

Heat resistant H05V2V2-F or 3093Y is a pvc cable manufactured to not degrade at higher temperatures and is generally rated up to 90°C, as opposed to 60-70°C for standard pvc.  Silicon cable is also used for extreme heat resistance.  Arctic grade is suitable for low-temperature and rough use and is often used on building sites in yellow for 110V and blue for 240V.  Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH, LS0H, LSF) H05Z1Z1-F polyolefin cable is flame-retardant and limits the release of poisonous gases and corrosive chemicals when burnt. 

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