Bulk cable – Japan and Taiwan, China

In addition to supplying both North American cable and the Harmonised cable used in the rest of the world, Morvan Trading also supply the other two cable types: Chinese, and Japanese/Taiwanese.  These cable types must be used in order to be approved in their respective countries. 

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VCTF Japanese and Taiwanese cable

Cable used to power products being sent to Japan or Taiwan must be the correct type and carry the right approvals.  The standard cable for use in Japan and Taiwan is VCTF, another metric cable similar to H05VV-F.  HVCTF is a high temperature version rated to 75°C instead of 60°C, and VCTF-K is oval instead of round and used on unearthed two core flexes. 

The manufacturing standard for these pvc cables is JIS C 3306, which includes VFF and HVFF: these are all rated up to 300V.  The heavier duty 600V versions (VCT, HVCT etc) are manufactured to JIS C 3312. 

Rubber cables (HHFF, NNFF) are under JIS C 3301 for 300V and JIS C 3327 for 600V (PNCT).  Quality approval for Japan is by PSE-JET, and in Taiwan by BSMI, the Taiwanese Bureau of Standards Metrology and Inspection.  Taiwanese cables are manufactured to Taiwanese Chinese National Standard CNS 10917 and CNS 3199.

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RVV Chinese Cable

When designing products and specifying component for export to China, Chinese-approved RVV cable must be used for the mainslead or powercord.  RVV wire for China is manufactured to 227 IEC 52 for 300V insulation, or 227 IEC 53 for 500V. 

RVV is a metric cable measured in mm2 similar in specification to H05VV-F.  PVC cable is manufactured to the GB5023 standard, and more information on construction and materials can be found in GB/T8815 and JB8735. 

RVV cable must be used in China, and must be approved by CCC, the China Compulsory Certificate mark.  Rubber cables are manufactured to the Chinese GB5013, we can offer rubber YQW, 227 IEC 57 YZW and 227 IEC 66 YCW on request and subject to a minimum order quantity.

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