Bulk cable – North America

On top of our comprehensive range of over 60,000 USA power cables, we can also supply North American cable in bulk.  Whether for equipment wiring or making custom USA power cables from our broad range of rewireable plugs and connectors, Morvan Trading covers all eventualities for cabling in the North American market.  We can cut and measure cable on request, depending on specification, on top of standard reel quantities varying from 50 foot to 10,000 foot.

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American Wire Gauge (AWG)

North American power cable is measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as the Brown and Sharpe (B&S) Wire Gauge, and is described in ASTM B258, along with UL 62 for the USA and CSA 49 for Canada. 

AWG refers directly to the cross-section of the cable’s conductor and ampacity: a higher awg number means a smaller cable and lower current rating; 18 awg is thinner and lower-rated than 14 awg.  The cores can have North American colouring black (live/line), white (neutral), green (earth) or international harmonised colouring brown (live/line), blue (neutral), green/yellow (earth). 

Approval is by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the USA.  In addition to CSA, the Canadian Standards Association, UL for Canada also covers the Canadian market and leads may be marked UL, cULus and/or CSA.

Cable insulation or outer jacket

The insulation or outer jacket for power cord is usually one of three materials: PVC, rubber, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).  PVC cable is lighter weight and suitable for indoor applications; it is identified in the cable type with a T (e.g. SVT, SJT, SJTOW).  Most Morvan Trading USA power cable is PVC type.

Thermoset rubber cable has higher resistance to water and mechanical stress making it more suitable for extra hard use.  Our outdoor rubber cables can have oil-resistant outer jackets, such as SJO, or oil-resistant outer jacket and inner insulation, such as SJOO.  Water resistance adds a W, for example SJEOW, SJTOW.

TPE is a high-density PVC, which as well as water and abrasion will also resist ultraviolet light and most chemicals including petroleum-based ones, and can be recognised by a the letter E, e.g. SJEOW cable.  It also performs better at lower temperatures than standard PVC cable.To illustrate, SJEOW is hard service grade (SJ) made from thermoplastic elastomer (E), oil resistant (O) and water resistant (W).

Service grade cables start with an S followed by a J, V or P and are rated to 300V, for example SVT, SJT or SPT.  SJ prefixed cables are for junior service or hard service.  Extra hard service cables just have the S and are rated to 600V, e.g. SOO, SOOW.  The V in SVT is for ‘vacuum cleaner cord’, i.e. light duty and flexible.  The P is for parallel cable, which is also light duty, but a flat cable rather than round, such as SPT-2 and SPT-3.


USA cables are rated 60°C as standard, but most Morvan power cables are up-rated to 105°C as an added safety measure.  Flame retardant categories are VW-1 and FT2.  We can also supply H type heater cable including HSJ, HS, HSO and HSJO.

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