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Caroline Haslett CBE as Director of EAW

Thank you Caroline Haslett....

We take the UK plug and its robust over-engineered design for granted, except perhaps to occasionally look askance at half-sized foreign plugs on holiday.

The BS1363 plug and sockets were largely influenced by Caroline Haslett, the only woman on the WWII committee convened to create the standard for electrical installations in post-war reconstruction.

A pioneering mechanical and then electrical engineer, she dreamed of liberating women from domestic drudgery by means of the everyday kitchen appliances we now take for granted.

Founder of the Electrical Association for Women, guest speaker at the first World Power Conference, first female member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and first female vice president of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Caroline Haslett was more than qualified to advise on mechanical, electrical and safety aspects of the new wiring standards.

Safety shutters on the socket to stop children's fingers touching live contacts, an on/off switch, the BS 1362 fuse, compulsory earthing... and still the standard 68 years later:thank you Caroline Haslett.

Special ‘Hospital Grade’ plugs must be used in medical settings in North America
Special ‘Hospital Grade’ plugs must be used in medical settings in North AmericaMains plugs for medical use in North America must be manufactured to higher standards than the normal NEMA 5-15.  These are UL 817 and UL 498 in the USA, and CSA 22.2 in Canada: if it meets these then the plug can be stamped ‘Hospital Grade’ and carry the required green dot.

To find out more about North America Hospital Grade click here

Whilst the only compulsory mark for hospital grade is the green dot, some medical users like transparent connectors.  During December we even had a USA hospital lead with clear plug, connector and cable, which looked so good we put it on our Christmas tree – photo right.

The other countries with specific hospital grade leads are: Australia & New Zealand, Denmark, and Japan.