Adaptors and Testing leads

International powercord experts Morvan Trading provide a wide range of different adaptors in addition to a comprehensive range of standard plugs and cables.  These can be travel adaptors, testing leads and international extension leads to name but a few. 

With hundreds of product lines in stock coupled with small-scale UK production and high-volume Far East manufacture, we can keep leadtimes short and prices to a minimum.  By supplying only the highest quality products and backed by the best technical expertise in the market, Morvan Trading is your single source for all mains power requirements.

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Convertor plugs and travel adaptors Have a short-term requirement for a different plug type?  Adaptor plugs can help if travelling abroad, or using foreign equipment in the UK temporarily.  For any longer period we would recommend using an adaptor lead like those mentioned below, or as a semi-permanent solution changing the plug or powercord.  Adaptors with either a UK plug or socket may conform to BS5733, IEC60884 or the new BS8546 standard; UL498A may apply for North America. 

Travel adaptors simply provide mechanical compatibility between two different plug standards: please ensure the equipment is electrically compatible with the mains electricity; frequency may vary, and a transformer may be required to step up or step down the voltage if there is large difference.  Especially in the developing world, electrical spikes and brownouts may also affect the equipment, and in all cases we only recommend using earthed adaptors. 

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Equipment & PAT testing leads Hard wired the plug on a product to be exported, but can’t test it?  Morvan Trading supply short test-leads for making sure the equipment is working fully prior to despatch, e.g. setting up, bench testing and soak testing.  Another common use is for Portable Appliance Testing – we supply PAT testing leads in almost all configurations of domestic, international and industrial plugs and sockets. 

These are generally short cables to save space and limit earth resistance for test leads, but can be custom-made to any length on demand.  Individual plugs carry national approvals for the country associated with them, and appropriate cable is used.  Need to power or test several items at the same time?  See our multiple adaptor section below.  Testing the metal chassis other items? 

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Multi-adaptor leads We can offer standard UK extension leads, but with the mains plug of a different country.  This allows several pieces of equipment to be used abroad simultaneously, which is convenient and limits the need for multiple travel adaptors.  It is also a good medium-term solution between temporary travel adaptors and semi-permanent replacement of the plug or power cable, and we often supply these to diplomatic corps, news companies, journalists, photographers and holidaymakers. 

These are earthed as standard, have appropriate-rated cable for the current rating, and the individual parts meet national standards.

We can also supply the reverse, which is a UK plug to international extension.  These are often used with foreign visitors to the UK, for example international university or college students, conference parties and delegations. 

Generally we stock a one metre cable with 4-way UK (or international) socket in black or white, but can offer other lengths and different number of sockets.  We can supply all plug types and almost all socket types, so please get in touch whatever your requirements.

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