Wieland and GST18/3

The GST range are compact connectors rated up to 20 Amps used for bringing power into a variety of applications, including power distribution, office electrics e.g. under desk and desk top, extension leads and lighting. 

Originally designed to make large scale fixed lighting more mobile and less labour-intensive by replacing fixed hand-wired terminals with prefabricated pluggable connectors, there are many more possible uses.

They are available as rewireable inline connectors to be wired onto cable, or panel mount inlets and outlets to be fitted to equipment.  Pre-manufactured leads with fitted couplers are available in various lengths. 

As safety measure, they are polarised by design, so cannot be connected the wrong way round.  All contacts ‘make’ simultaneously, with the earth in advance, and all voltage-carrying parts are insulated from accidental touch. 

Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable is available where required, e.g. building regulations for fire and smoke; and connectors can be colour coded to aid identification where several systems are used.

The Wieland Group The Wieland Group was founded in the Bavarian town of Bamberg in 1910, and is still based and manufactures there, as well as having 14 other locations across Europe, the USA and China, along with sales partners in over 70 countries.  Reinvesting heavily in new products, Wieland Electric is the global leader in pluggable building electrical installation.

We supply male to female interconnect cables, used for extending an existing lead, or for connecting between equipment or power distribution units (PDU) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).  Splitters and adaptors are also possible, along with slimline versions, locking tabs, blanking plates, caps, covers, and 3 digit marking tabs.  Whilst mains power uses the three pole GST18i3, the range includes GST18i4, GST18i5 and GST18i6.

International variations GST18/3 female connectorWe also supply starter cables, with an AC plug on one end and female GST18/3 connector the other, for powering equipment from the mains; this is possible with all the country types listed on our website. 

Please note the 20A current rating is when used with 2.5mm cable; smaller cable or lower-rated plugs will result in a lower rating, e.g. 1.5mm cable de-rates to 16A, or a UK plug de-rates to 13A.  Cable up to 4mm may be used to lessen voltage drop where power is transmitted over long distances.  For labour saving on large volume applications the connectors can be assembled using crimp terminals rather than screw terminals; we supply contacts singly, or on a reel for use with an automatic crimping machine.

For fixed wiring, Wieland gesis complies with particular national requirements and guidelines: in the UK, this is BS 7671.  Other examples of national differences catered for are: Spain with REBT and VV-K cable conforming to UNE 21123-1; France with NF C15-100 with U1000 R02V, H07RN-F or CR1 cable; Italy with CEI and FG7OM, FG7OR and FROR cable.

The GST series replaces the older ST series, which whilst still in use in existing applications is being phased out.  Unlike GST18, ST18 is not designed to be disconnected while carrying voltage. 

IEC61535:2009 for Installation Couplers came into force in 2012, replacing the old UK BS61535:2006; unfortunately the ST range does not comply with the new standard, so new electrical installations must use the GST type.  The range still complies with DIN VDE 0628 and DIN VDE 0606T (EN/IEC 61535).

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